Using Airbrush Film

Using Airbrush Film

Using airbrush film for blocking in pastelmat.

Would you like help with your artwork?

I remember being at the beginning of my artistic adventures and not knowing what to buy, what to do first or who to ask. Most artists kept their methods secrets unless you paid them a small fortune so I had many trial and errors before I found out my formula. These methods may not work for everyone but then at least you know what to do, however they will give a place to start.

Who is this tutorial for?

    • For anyone who is starting out and doesn't have a small fortune to spend on the every growing mountain of art supplies. For those who want to know about the basics and behind the scenes stuff so they can get on with the real arty part without too much fuss

    So what do you get?

      An easy to follow video tutorial which will remain in the free membership portal for you to view as many times as you want.

    So what will you learn?

      Real time video recorded on the fly so you see how easy it is to use airbrush film to help you with your pastel artwork (you can of course use it with other mediums as well)

    Who is Art by Karie-Ann?

    I’ve been creating pet portraits and wildlife art for a number of years, building my skills as I went along but as well as receiving many commissions worldwide. I am a member of the Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen alongside other online artistic bodies. I have exhibited my art at the Mall Galleries and London but am also proudly self taught.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      • Will this course improve my drawing and painting skills? – Yes! This video will help you get past the basics so you can get to the real art sooner!

    Course Curriculum

    Karie-Ann Cooper

    Helping the world create beautiful art.

    Proudly self taught and willing to show behind the scenes of how I create my art. None of my videos are edited, they are filmed on the fly and even have the odd cockerel crowing and barking dog! I want you to see real time how easy it is to be creative, I don't stage my videos to look like they could win an Oscar! Real time videos and audio which will provide even greater insight into how I work.

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